Immersive applications

We use virtual and augmented reality to help meet your business goals, from promotional work to answering questions in an interactive way.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have moved from emerging technologies to a real gamechanger for organizations and brands. By 2020, extended reality (XR) is anticipated to grow into a $30 billion market.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly demanding and companies should think in an innovative manner not only how to engage them, but also how to surpass their expectations.

As customers and workers get more used to VR and AR through games, installations, and exhibits, the virtual door is open for higher engagement. VRMADA can deliver those experiences to help increase engagement through immersive, stunning creations that are practical, entertaining, and educational.

Providing fun and visually-stunning interactive insights, they can highlight many messages, from new products to the environmental efforts companies make to be greener. Engagement through historical, promotional, or future-look exhibits for hiring events, industrial museums, expos, sporting, and other events are also growing fast.

We specialize in providing VR and AR services to organizations and brands that have moved on from asking what can they do with these technologies, to developing a growing range of practical ideas and use cases.

Benefits of immersive applications

VRMADA builds exciting and engaging immersive applications that drive digital transformation and customer success for leading organizations and brands worldwide.


VR experiences create a sense of presence that has the power to transport viewers to a completely different place and time.


VR and AR are praised for their unique ability to engage audiences and elicit emotions, major drivers of customer perceptions and decisions.


The lack of distractions makes VR and AR completely immersive and, as such, a perfect opportunity for organizations to influence customer perceptions.

Uses cases

Proven through extensive testing, development and trials, and now with a fast-growing number of real-world examples, virtual and augmented reality help businesses deliver practical, entertaining, and educational immersive projects.



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How we help

VRMADA offers full-service VR and AR applications to leading organizations and brands worldwide

We help organizations and brands take their vision and make it a reality delivering the tools, software, and hardware for a complete solution that provides stunning and memorable experiences.

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