Enterprise VR/AR training

We build bespoke simulations to boost the quality of trainees and improve retention across departments such as operations, maintenance, and field services.

Virtual reality along with augmented reality represent ground-breaking technologies for businesses to use in training and workforce development.

We specialize in providing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) (collectively XR) services to enterprises that have moved on from asking what can they do with these technologies, to developing a growing range of practical ideas and use cases.

As more examples emerge that improve business processes, speed up training and deliver revenue, while engaging workers and customers, XR is fast becoming part of the enterprise landscape and we can deliver the solution that your business needs with high-quality, amazing content to deliver on business reality.

We build bespoke simulations to boost the quality of trainees and improve retention across departments such as operations, maintenance, and field services. From pilot projects to full-scale rollouts VRMADA can help businesses benefit from VR in one office or across a global enterprise using the latest in HD visuals, in low-latency environments, for high-fidelity productions.

Benefits of immersive training

VRMADA builds exciting and engaging immersive solutions to train workers and engage new hires in a cost-effective manner. VR helps reduce the risk of costly mistakes and damage to complex equipment while building repeatable lessons with scoring to indicate high competence and growing experience.

Reduces operational costs

Adopting immersive learning can cut costs throughout an organization including employee travel, transporting equipment, and facilities.

Increases safety

A compelling advantage of immersive learning is the ability to learn from mistakes without costing an organization money or machinery or jeopardizing employee safety.

Increases efficiency

Virtual simulations help companies analyze and optimize the performance of equipment and processes in real-world operating conditions.

Increases engagement

Gamified elements throughout the application increases user engagement, reduces complexity, and results in a better understanding and retention of information.

Removes distance barriers

Collaboration and evaluation can be achieved from all over the world without the need to travel on site, greatly reducing costs of transportation and logistics.

Boosts analytics capabilities

Our XR training platform enables capturing enriched behavioral data and biometrics such as eye-tracking, heat maps, and gesture tracking.

The shift to immersive training

Proven through extensive testing, development and trials, and now with a fast-growing number of real-world examples, virtual and augmented reality help businesses deliver training and immersive projects.


Increase in productivity

Source: Boeing


Increase in retention rate

Source: MASIE Center


Decrease in injuries

Source: Ford Motors

How we help

VRMADA offers full-service virtual reality training solutions

VR already drives employees through more realistic training, with highly accurate inputs, boosting productivity and reducing mistakes. providing new ways for businesses to teach and train at a greater scale.

We can deliver VR solutions now to help your business build a new vision and reality while providing tangible benefits across many departments; from human resources to operations, health and safety to innovation.

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