Energy and Utilities

We help energy and utility companies achieve high performance and profitability in an increasingly competitive and regulated market.

VRMADA provides energy and utility companies with the VR tools and services to build and develop accurate immersive simulations of complex energy systems that can help build the energy grids of the future.

The massive and critical energy and utility sector continues to undergo a dramatic change as demands from homes, business, industry and government compete with the need for a greener approach to managing resources.

With mission-critical systems in most energy operations, organizations that adopt immersive learning can reduce travel and office costs while speeding up training and delivering it in a safer, flexible environment where all types of scenarios can be played out to test worker readiness to enter the field or to become proficient on new equipment and systems. They can also learn by making mistakes that will not impact the business, and analytics from the VR systems can highlight the highest-quality trainees for advanced roles or fast-tracked positions.

VRMADA can provide the expertise to design and deliver innovative solutions to improve business efficiency and help deliver the visions of the future that position the energy sector as progressive and forward-thinking.

How we help

Supporting energy businesses as they change and grow

We help energy and utilities companies by providing VR/AR training solutions that enable maintenance and operations teams to work virtually on the latest infrastructure and grid systems improving safety, productivity, and efficiency.

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The shift to immersive training

The demonstration and show-and-tell features enable virtual reality to play a pivotal role in improving the training for workers within the energy sector, making that training repeatable, safer and evolving to meet the needs of the business with proven results.


Increase in productivity

Source: Boeing


Increase in retention rate

Source: MASIE Center


Decrease in injuries

Source: Ford Motors

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