Infrastructure and Transportation

We help leading infrastructure and transportation organizations improve supply chain efficiency and expand globally.

VRMADA helps innovative infrastructure and transportation organizations significantly improve the skills, experiential learning and retention rates of their future workforces while reducing costs.

The worlds of parcel transport and freight distribution, leisure, commercial and business travel all rely on an extensive network of businesses and partnerships, interlinked transport networks, and a massive IT effort to deliver everything and everyone on time.

In an era of extreme cost management and growing pressure on these physical and digital networks, VRMADA's technology can make training large numbers of workers more cost-efficient, with reduced distractions, while the lessons learned are more memorable, repeatable, and can easily be updated as new systems and processes are rolled out.

VR enables training and maintenance tasks to be performed with remote experts to make the best use of their time, while analytics can highlight the most efficient workers; where they focus through eye tracking, heat maps, and gesture tracking to better understand how they work.

From pilot projects to full-scale rollouts across the enterprise, we can help your business benefit from VR and prepare it for the all-digital future.

How we help

Improving global flows in a digital age

We build bespoke simulations as a central element of future training and performance optimization to help boost the quality of trainees and improve retention across maintenance and field services.

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The shift to immersive training

Using our VR solutions, workers can be trained and engaged in a cost-effective manner, while reducing risk of training with hazardous systems or environments, and improving safety.


Increase in productivity

Source: Boeing


Increase in retention rate

Source: MASIE Center


Decrease in injuries

Source: Ford Motors

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