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We help IT and telecommunication companies seize new opportunities in a rapidly changing business environment.

VRMADA provides IT and telecommunications companies with accurate immersive simulations of complex systems and services to speed up staff training and reduce response and repair times to incidents.

The IT, telco, and TSP sector are already keen adopters of virtual reality, using it to make installation, maintenance and training more efficient while reducing costs. As we move into the 5G era, IT and telcos can further reinvent how they train workers, display information, and relate their products to other businesses.

This adoption will accelerate now XR solutions are moving to wires-free and becoming more portable. This gives diverse roles from HR to engineers, field teams and sales the chance to use and benefit from XR, demonstrating products and services as modern business essentials.

It can be leveraged to learn and replicate real-life installation/maintenance scenarios in safer areas (rather than up a mast or in a confined space). XR can help reduce accidents and to help staff or recruits learn more about company services. VR and AR also opens up remote training, putting specialist engineers “in the field” when they could be located anywhere in the world.

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Paving the way towards the 5G era

We modernize training, making it more engaging and practical and helping improve the hiring and retention of staff. Our immersive product and network demonstrations help make the complex technologies more understandable to legislators, investors, the public, and other parties.

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The shift to immersive training

Our solutions can be used to train staff anywhere at any time, courses are repeatable and help identify common or rare mistakes and eradicate them before they become expensive errors. All of which helps reduce operational costs, improves the uptime of hardware and services and reduces customer frustration at downtime.


Increase in productivity

Source: Boeing


Increase in retention rate

Source: MASIE Center


Decrease in injuries

Source: Ford Motors

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